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  •                   Welcome to the world of SOLO Ceramics

                            Innovation is the result of creative focus on work that is truly, oriented and visionary. Innovation is never an accident but, rather an outcome of sheer dedication and determination to provide the best. The beauty of it is doing what is unimaginable to most.

                            It is observed to a sharp eye with an ability to capture beauty from anywhere. Spending time when it is demanded and required rather than always. Your mind always concentrates on the goal and preceveirs to achieve it. When these three combines, it gives birth to something new, acceptable and truly not thought before.

                            That ........is Innovation.

                            Solo Ceramics(Brand: Sonet Ceramics) is India based ceramic unit, which manufactures and exports, designer sanitaryware and stylish bath furniture. It is the first SSI in India with the largest capacity. Its designs match those of Europe, mainly Spain and Italy, while they export even in the far east region which includes Malaysia. The bath suites and designer wash basins, make a wide range which stands out in comparison to the markets of India. The water closets include standard as well as designer collection. There are a number of colors to choose from and great variants exist in Rustic and painted series.

                            The shapes are virtually endless which inspires the buyer to buy more.

  • chairman From the Chairman's desk

    “Succeeded Big time, hungry for more...”

    For our group, Success now has become a habit. Day in and
    day out, we breathe success with pints of oxygen. I am proud
    of my team for doing so well. And yet, we are not finished.

    India is growing at a tremendous pace and so is our sector,
    ceramics. We are one of the many players in the industry,
    who are really excited about this unprecedented growth in
    the industry. I personally feel, there will not be a better time to get going at an even faster rate.

    To my team, I advise to raise the bar a bit higher and set sights on the global market. Improve quality, revitalize designs, beautify colors, find that perfect finish and storm the international market with total confidence and zeal. You are born to succeed. Be hungry for more.

    Our channel partners, the face and voice of Sonet in the market are the achievers who have been instrumental in charting out the Sonet Success story. It gives me great happiness to see you grow even further and share the same hunger to grow as we share amongst ourselves. We promise you we will always remain ahead of the market trends and deliver products that make your business beat your targets too.

    The influencers, architects and interior design specialists are a constant source of inspiration for us. They always are extremely demanding, stretching our limits and getting best out of us. To them we owe this growth from the design perspective.

    Last but not the least, our customers, who have used and recommended our products to the world.

    Together, let us again set higher goals and beat them. Let us succeed, but on a higher level this time.


                                                                                                                                    - Raghavjibhai Patel
  • History Image

             Year 2007: The going was tough, competition made it even
    tougher. The industry was seeing growth in terms of investments
    while doubt persisted over the future. This was the year Solo was
    established, amidst challenges and lot of limitations.

    During these past few years, we put all our strengths and the will
    to succeed behind our decision to stand the Solo winner in the
    clobbering market. We had our share of troubles and despair, but
    with the help of our team and people around us we fought.
    And we Won.

                                  The Winner stands SOLO….
                                                   The Winner stands Alone. – Paulo Coehlo

    We are today regarded as the leader in sanitary ware market in India. From designs to shapes to finishes to colors, we can be ranked as the most preferred sanitary ware brand.

    We are also the leaders in quantity. We roll out maximum pieces in the region.

    Leadership to us has spread fast and is now into the global arena. We are exporting to a number of countries that include Europe, the style epicenter of the world of ceramics.

    The Past few years have been challenging as well as rewarding for Team Solo and the brand Sonet...

    As the Winner Stands SOLO...
  • Management

    In any organization, thought processes and culture flows from top
    to bottom. At Solo, Shri Raghavjibhai Patel, Founder chairman of
    the group, is the fountain of positive inspiring thoughts that guide
    the vision and actions of thee group. He make the strategic
    decisions based on years of experience and most of all his gut
    feeling and instincts as a person with good business acumen.

    He is ably supported by the tactical team from the family. The organization appearing to be traditional as it is family owned is still very professional. Every member has a unique responsibility. However, whenever there are challenges, there is no passing the buck but rather sharing the responsibility and getting out of the challenge.

    Marketing is handled by Shri Jagdishbhai Patel. He has set up many networks in the past, has good experience of balanced brand building and advertising and is and expert at pricing and quantity decisions. He also has an eye for the upcoming trends and fads. He ensures that Solo never runs out of orders.

    Shri Dinesh Patel is the Manufacturing head who manages the technical and production activities of the company. With years of experience behind him and latest technology of the plant, he is the right person for the job.

    Legalities and commercial activities in India need a specialized focus. Shri Nilesh Patel is the head of this department. He has developed a knack of solving complex legal issues and set commercial documents so that the company has a hassle free operation. He also oversees the purchase and payables.

    The young gun of the team is Shri Bhaveshbhai. Appears very dynamic but has the vision to hold the same principles of the group. He is the person Solo looks towards to take the company global. With the right support of experience at the top and the vigor of youth, he is destined to take Solo to higher levels of achievement.

    The staff and the workers are all like a family to the company and the managementis employee focused. This results in the employees delivering higher efficiencies than otherwise expected.

    The team is well coordinated and work in harmony to bring the best out and beat the targets set.
  • Manage

    Vision 2020

    “To be a Global Leader in manufacture and supply
    of Sanitary ware”

    While India has already becoming a Global economy, we are not going to lack behind. We have taken our baby steps towards global presence. The time now is to make the strides bigger and ultimately take a giant leap.


    - Revitalize designing radically.
    - Enhance Quality Control and practices.
    - Make resource Management efficient and profitable.
    - Develop international markets.
    - Increase Manufacturing capacities and number of locations as well.
    - By 2017 establish a platform to LEAP into the global arena with a huge step.