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    Quality Policy

       Quality is not an act, It is a habit.
       Quality is not to be controlled, It is to be generated.
       Quality is not what we put in, but what the customer gets.

    For many, these are plain quotes. For Solo, they are
    guiding principles.

    These are the Quality Quotes that the company lives by. Solo has
    been one of the many companies in Morbi which is family run. But
    when you look into the working pattern, you find a vast difference in implementation of management principles and company policies.

    This difference comes due to the adherence to the above quotes that every person has for their area of activity. Any newbie who cannot align to the thought, more often than not does not become a member of the SOLO community..

    Solo group has always promoted the thought of doing it right the first time and every time. They have minimal rejections due to lack of quality. This is largely due to the fact that all the processes are well executed and only the best actions are put behind them. The training of people and harmonious working environment fuel the feeling of giving out the best.

    This positive mix of attitude with training ensures that customers receive the best products in the manner they should.

    Quality has been the biggest strength of the company. It has been the single impacting reason for the company to become the industry leader.

    The Technical Details of our quality Management are can be seen  here.
  • Laboratory

    Every Philosophy has to be implemented. Every thought has to
    have an action.

    Quality Initiatives of the company glorify their truthful alignment
    to the above quotes.

    Here is the list:

        - Make processes simple and execute with perfection.
        - Define processes for easy duplication.
        - Train and retrain people on techniques as well as attitude.
        - Lead by example.
        - Provide people with right tools for checking and cross checking.
        - Develop Quality management Systems that enhance measurement of quality.
        - Watch for reasons of lack of quality and redefine to process to fight the reason.
        - Hold people accountable.

    Solo has set up a modern testing laboratory for quality assurance of Raw Materials as well as Glazing batches. Destructive testing of samples is done for every batch.

    The company Lab is certified by CGCRI.

    Apart from this shape and finish visual tests take place for 100% of products.

    All these together spell the reason for SOLO products being the best in Quality.